Mother’s Day Salute to Fallen Heroes

by Rodney Forbes on May 9, 2009

On Mother’s Day we always give thanks to the person in our lives that always seemed to give so much and always asked for so little in return (Thanks Mom!).

What we probably don’t think of are the people who can no longer say “Happy Mother’s Day” that died protecting their moms, family and country.

As we get to discuss the ups and downs of the real estate market, how much our 401k may have slipped this year or how much we pay in taxes, don’t forget those who can no longer think of those things because they were defending your freedom to do so.

So as you’re enjoying a weekend at the beach or barbequing in the backyard, remember the sons, daughters and spouses of the moms out there who can’t enjoy it with us.

Below is a link to all those with ties to Florida that have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please take a moment to visit and says thanks. I know their moms will.

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