My Personal Mentor Jim Rohn Passes Away

by Rodney Forbes on December 9, 2009

YouTube Preview ImageIt’s ironic that this past week has been filled with news of who Tiger Woods did or didn’t sleep with over the last few years. Tiger has been called the ultimate role model by many. With women coming forward one after the other with news of secret relationships with Tiger, the passing of one of the most influential people of modern American history almost went unnoticed.

Jim Rohn, my personal business mentor, and to tens of thousands of others, quietly passed away this past week. Mr. Rohn has been called one of the most important business philosophers of our age, a modern day Will Rogers. The people who have been influenced by the teachings of Mr. Rohn include Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Harvey McKay Les Brown, Dennis Waitley and many, many more.

Over the past half century Jim has lectured all over the world to millions of people about personal development, goals, financial independence, faith and family. My first introduction to his teachings was a cassette series called “The Challenge to Succeed”. It has been the blueprint of my life for the past decade and I owe everything I have become to the lessons from that first course.

If you’ve never heard of Jim Rohn I encourage you to visit the Jim Rohn Tribute page.

by Rodney Forbes

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