Palm Beach Gardens Realtor Reveals Technology Secrets for Agents

by Rodney Forbes on August 21, 2009

Palm Beach Gardens Realtor Rodney Forbes

Palm Beach Gardens Realtor Rodney Forbes

Palm Beach Gardens Realtor Rodney Forbes was featured in a national real estate teleconference focused on technology, blogging and social media. Rodney is broker for Forbes Realty of South Florida, located in West Palm Beach. Real estate professionals seem to be the last to adopt new technologies, especially when internet sites like Facebook and Twitter are seen as sites for bored teenagers.

Cutting edge real estate agents are understanding the power of social media sites for networking. For real estate professionals, most considered their web prescence to be a website with IDX access for visitors. Few, if any, actually get business from their sites, many costing thousands of dollars to set up and maintain.

“Web 2.0″, as the new internet wave is referred to, focuses on interactive media such as blogs, video and networking sites such as Twitter. Old, static websites are being replaced by free, or mostly free, blog sites and networking platforms. Agents who want to stay ahead of the curve are using Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other “2.0″ technologies.

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