Short Sale Help for Homeowners

If you’ve reached this page because you either are considering a short sale or you’re a homeowner in distress, you’ve come to the right place.

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • Your home has decreased in value and now it’s worth less than you paid for it
  • Your adjustable rate is increasing making it difficult or impossible to keep up payments
  • You’ve lost your job or otherwise had a decrease in income
  • Medical expenses have caused you to get behind in your payments
  • You want to sell but you’re upside down on your mortgage and you can’t afford commissions or selling costs
  • You’ve been transferred to another city or state and don’t know what to do with the home
  • You’re just ready to walk away and let the bank take the home in foreclosure
  • Any other situation that causes you anxiety when it comes to your home situation

These problems are real and facing tens of thousands of homeowners every day. Not knowing which way to turn or what to do is the cause of much family stress today.

Are you having to deal with:

  • Constant calls or threats from your mortgage company?
  • Investors trying to take advantage of your situation?
  • “Foreclosure Rescue” companies asking for thousands of dollars up front to help you?

What you need is a trusted advisor who is working on your side and in your best interests. Forbes Realty of South Florida is a company that specializes in short sale solutions for home owners. Our team is there to discuss your situation with you and show what options are available.

The benefits of a short sale with Forbes Realty include:

  • No cost to you! Our fees are paid by the lender when the home sells
  • Hassle free. Our experienced short sale negotiators deal with the bank on your behalf
  • You get the benefit of an experienced team of professional Realtors
  • We are a local company, not an 800# from out of state
  • Fast results. Our goal is to have your home under contract in 30 days and closed in 90 days
  • We may even be able to negotiate a moving allowance for you

Whatever your situation, the worse thing you can do is nothing. Problems don’t go away by themselves. Don’t think there is no solution for you. There is always an answer.

Call our office at 561-337-4810 to schedule a free consultation. You can also receive Rodney Forbes’ book “Should I Short Sale My Home?” for free. Just click here and leave your name and email address. This is private information, shared with no one.

There is also a video series titled “Short Sale Myths…and Facts”. Click here to view the first in the series.

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