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Buying distressed homes

The real estate market recently witnessed a major plunge, as a consequence of the recession. This mixed with the recent economic downturn that cost millions of Americans their jobs and was responsible for the rise of real estate foreclosure property listings. Consequently, various people would rather rent a home than be concerned with mortgage payments […]


Short Sale Versus Loan Modification in Jupiter Florida

by Rodney Forbes on September 29, 2012

There is no doubt that many distressed homeowners are contemplating on the options of short sale vs. loan modification. For some, the big issue is that they are unaware if their property will qualify for a short sale or mortgage modification in Jupiter Florida. The main issue is that some homeowners fail to get the […]


Alternatives to Foreclosure in Jupiter Florida

by Rodney Forbes on September 28, 2012

For homeowners that are in a financial hardship, any substitute for foreclosure is welcome, essentially. However, choosing the suited foreclosure alternative can be challenging. A large number of factors can be influential to a homeowner’s decision in Jupiter Florida: their short term financial circumstance, their long term income prospects, their assets, interest rates, the internal policies […]


Is there potential for a homeowner with a flawless mortgage payment history to get approved for a short sale? All are aware that short sale, an alternative to foreclosure, in Jupiter Florida, is a practicable opinion among defaulting homeowners. But for the ones who have kept their home loan payments, is there a way for them […]


Why should I choose a short sale in Jupiter Florida

by Rodney Forbes on September 26, 2012

The short sale process in Jupiter Florida can be a long tedious process, but upon completion, will show its true benefits. Depending  on the state, and whether the short sale was a traditional short sale or the HAFA short sale, a homeowner will be forgiven  the deficiency after the short sale; meaning you will not […]


West Palm Beach Area Foreclosures to Increase

by Rodney Forbes on November 24, 2010

Bank foreclosure/REO property inventories are expected to increase in the West Palm Beach Florida area over the next 24 months. By how much nobody knows. However, according to the National Association of Realtors, as many as 4 million foreclosed homes may come on the market nationwide in the next 2 years. A normal year of […]


Short Sale Myths and Facts…Part 2

by Rodney Forbes on July 1, 2009

The topic of short sales and foreclosures seem to dominate the headlines everywhere. There has been a lot written about short sales and whether you should or shouldn’t short sale your home if you’re in this situation. This has led to many misconceptions about short selling your home. This series is about the myths regarding […]


Banks getting the short sale message finally!

by Rodney Forbes on May 22, 2009

  The following excerpt from an article in the Press-Enterprise is welcome news for people who have been trying to facilitate short sale transactions. Whether it’s the buy, seller or Realtors involved, short sales have a bad reputation when it comes to getting the sale complete. I guess the banks are finally stating to realize […]


Real Estate Market Update West Palm Beach FL

by Rodney Forbes on April 11, 2009

Rodney Forbes with Forbes Realty of South Florida discusses the real estate market conditions in West Palm Beach Florida for the week of April 6, 2009. Of the pending sales, 60% are short sales and bank owned properties. Buyers are responding to low interest rates, prices that are below 2004 levels and government stimulus efforts […]


The following excerpt is courtesy of Inman News Wells Fargo & Co. reported “exceptionally strong mortgage banking results” Thursday, saying it originated more more than 450,000 loans totalling upward of $100 billion during the first quarter. The strength in mortgage lending helped Wells Fargo boost projected net income for the quarter to a record $3 […]