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Foreclosure process in West Palm Beach County

Bank of America Foreclosure Mess: The Death of Housing?

by Rodney Forbes on October 13, 2010

Bank of America and other lenders are under attack again for the foreclosure mess that has brought about a freeze on thousands of foreclosure cases around the country. Since all crises with suspected fraud or wrongdoing have to have a name with “gate” on the end of it, we’ll officially name this as “Robo-signer-gate” (you […]


Short Sale Myths and Facts…Part 1

by Rodney Forbes on June 3, 2009

As real estate values have dropped over the last couple of years, drastically in some places, thousands of home owners have found themselves either upside down on their mortgage, unable to afford their payments, or both. The topic of short sales and foreclosures seem to dominate the headlines everywhere. There has been a lot written […]


Beware of Foreclosure Assistance Letters

by Rodney Forbes on May 6, 2009

This video presents the worst case scenario for homeowners in distress. They fall behind on payments and become victims of “foreclosure rescue” rip off artists. Hopefully things will work out alright for this couple. It stands as a lesson for others in the same situation. If you or someone you know is in this situation, […]


Home Short Sale Consequences…and Relief

by Rodney Forbes on April 30, 2009

Short sales in real estate today make up about 30-40% of home sales in south Florida. Everyone hears about them, but not too many people know the potential tax consequences of the short sale itself. The following article gives some good examples of the potential tax consequences of selling your home using a short sale. […]


South Florida Home Sales Up….Foreclosures Down

by Rodney Forbes on April 2, 2009

On Monday, we learned that more homes were selling, albeit at a lower price. Now, a new report finds that the number of foreclosure filings in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties increased less than 1 percent in February, year-over-year, according to Default Research, a provider of preforeclosure listings. The total number of foreclosure notifications […]