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Is it Finally Time to Buy a Home in West Palm Beach FL?

by Rodney Forbes on November 15, 2010

Home prices in West Palm Beach Florida have been in a serious decline for several years. How long has it been since average prices were this low? Does it mean the time is finally right to buy a home, whether a foreclosure or short sale? Have we reached the bottom in Florida? The following chart […]


Just when you thought the Florida foreclosure mess couldn’t take one more turn into the Twilight Zone, new information is released about the so called “robosigners” used by one of the largest foreclosures law firms in Florida. In an effort to rush through thousands of home foreclosures since 2007, financial institutions and their mortgage servicing […]


Just when you thought the real estate market in the West Palm Beach area has turned the corner the FHA sets new tougher loan guidelines for borrowers. With the First Time Home Buyer Program set to expire this year and interest rates sure to increase in the future, the time to buy is now if […]


Beware of Mortgage Rate Hike Early Next Year

by Rodney Forbes on December 17, 2009

If you’ve been thinking of taking advantage of low real real estate prices, Home Buyer Tax Credits and low mortgage rates, you may want to make a move. Lock in low 30 year mortgage rates while you can. The following excerpt from The Mortgage Reports indicates mortgage rates may be ready to rise soon. Since […]


Do Banks Really Accept Short Sales…Myths and Facts Part 3

by Rodney Forbes on September 20, 2009

The 3rd video in our series of short sale myths and facts answers on of the most often asked questions about short sales. Do banks really accept these short sale offers? The short answer is yes. Just make sure that you have an experienced short sale realtor working with you, no matter whether you’re a […]


via Rodney Forbes, Realtor and broker for Forbes Realty of South Florida, begins a video series on the myths and facts about real estate short sales. Rodney works in the Palm Beach Gardens area of south Florida and his company’s focus is helping homeowners in distress. For questions regarding your particular situation please call […]