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via This video may make you laugh and cry at the same time as it spoofs the intelligence of the government officials overseeing the economy and real estate market. For more information on short sale in the Palm Beach Gardens Florida area, please contact Rodney Forbes at 561-337-4810 or email Posted via web […]


When Will Home Prices Rebound? (2020..2023…LONGER?)

by Rodney Forbes on August 15, 2009

Great article from One of the constant topics of discussion in the virtual halls of HREU is…when will prices return to their previous ‘peak’ values of 2006ish. In other words, can someone realistically..’wait it out…wait for prices to return’. Well, the answer is YES…if they want to wait.. 10-20 years! You know where the […]


Check out HREU 90 Day Massive Action Plan. Day 1

by Rodney Forbes on August 12, 2009

Title: HREU 90 Day Massive Action Plan. Day 1.#comment-11395#comment-11395#comment-11395#comment-11395 Link: For more information on South Florida real estate call me at 561-337-4810 or email My south Florida real estate blog has news and information for all buyers, sellers and investors.


Another Boost to Florida Real Estate

by Rodney Forbes on June 30, 2009

Starting July 1st, qualified first time home buyers will be able to use the federal tax credit of up to $8000 as part of their up front costs for buying a home. Until now the tax credit could only be received after the buyers had closed on the home, and then filed their taxes. This […]


Pending Home Sales Continue to Increase

by Rodney Forbes on May 21, 2009

This video from the National Association of Realtors highlights the continuing increase in pending sales for the US. In the real estate industry this index is seen as a leading index of the market to come WARNING: Videos with economists are not full of special effects and sexual content! But they are informative. Just get […]


See…I told you so!

by Rodney Forbes on May 5, 2009

The national news finally seems to be catching on to what I’ve been saying for the past several months. The south Florida real estate market has been quietly making progress to recovery, even as the national press predicted gloom and doom ahead. Pending home sales rose in March for the second consecutive month and are […]


Worst is over for real estate?

by Rodney Forbes on April 30, 2009

After deteriorating relentlessly for nearly three years, the much-watched S&P/Case-Shiller Index showed a brief glimmer that plummeting home prices are at least slowing their fall. Prices are still plunging: Home prices in 20 major cities across the country have fallen 18.6% between February of this year and last, according to the index released Tuesday. That […]