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selling a home in Palm Beach Gardens

Short sales are one of the alternatives to avoid a foreclosure that a home owner can select. They do have their pros and cons, but some experts tend to believe the benefits of a short sale override the cons especially if the homeowner sees no change in his/her finances. But whether it’s advantageous for both […]


Is it possible for a homeowner with a flawless mortgage payment history to get approved of a short sale? We all know that short sale, an alternative to foreclosure, is a practicable option among defaulting homeowners. But for those who have stably kept their home loan payments, is there a way for them to give […]


For majority of short sale sellers and buyers, this information is common knowledge. However, what is not very secret in Palm Beach Gardens Florida are the details involved from the contract to the closing of the short sale. There are actually multiple stages involved in the Florida short sale process that may cause more misconceptions […]


Chase Short Sale Procedure in Palm Beach Gardens Florida

by Rodney Forbes on September 28, 2012

Chase is one of the largest multinational banking corporations, and supply plenty of services to match their reputation: banking, investments, and now, short sales. Since branches of the company can be found in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, as well as across Florida, a homeowner can easily avail of a short sale from Chase, along with […]


Short Sale Myths in Palm Beach Gardens

by Rodney Forbes on September 27, 2012

Because of homeowners wanting to conduct short sale initiatives on their own, they usually come across the top five short sale myths. In result, it has led to prevalent confusion and widespread misconceptions in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, not only on its details, but the process involved as well. The truth is that short sales […]


Palm Beach Gardens Florida Short Sale Steps

by Rodney Forbes on September 26, 2012

For both buyers and sellers, the steps to a short sale may seem to be blurry and complicated. Buyers may be discouraged with the drawn out short sale approval method, while sellers may understand in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida that their lack of knowledge surrounding real estate short sales can be nerve-racking and concerning as […]


Get Your Home Sold Faster with Home Staging

by Rodney Forbes on May 7, 2009

Good video about the benefits of using home staging to get a home sold faster. You can either hire the professional home stager or read up on home staging tips if you want to do it yourself. If you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Palm Beach County area, specifically Palm […]