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Short Sale Myths and Facts…Part 1

by Rodney Forbes on June 3, 2009

As real estate values have dropped over the last couple of years, drastically in some places, thousands of home owners have found themselves either upside down on their mortgage, unable to afford their payments, or both. The topic of short sales and foreclosures seem to dominate the headlines everywhere. There has been a lot written […]


Mortgage Crisis Spreads to “Safe Borrowers”

by Rodney Forbes on June 2, 2009

Until now most people considered the problem with foreclosures and short sales to be limited to certain areas and mostly “sub-prime” loans. With layoffs and bankruptcy in big companies like the auto industry, the mortgage problem is spreading to (up ’till now) safe borrowers. The mortgage crisis is spreading and hitting new heights: Borrowers with […]


Banks getting the short sale message finally!

by Rodney Forbes on May 22, 2009

  The following excerpt from an article in the Press-Enterprise is welcome news for people who have been trying to facilitate short sale transactions. Whether it’s the buy, seller or Realtors involved, short sales have a bad reputation when it comes to getting the sale complete. I guess the banks are finally stating to realize […]


This is the daily south Florida market update. Today’s update is for West Palm Beach. Market activity has really picked up due to record low interest rates, home prices at 2003-2004 levels and the efforts by the federal and state governments to get first time home buyers to make the move. Short sales and distress, […]


Home Short Sale Consequences…and Relief

by Rodney Forbes on April 30, 2009

Short sales in real estate today make up about 30-40% of home sales in south Florida. Everyone hears about them, but not too many people know the potential tax consequences of the short sale itself. The following article gives some good examples of the potential tax consequences of selling your home using a short sale. […]